Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Aspiring Children's Illustrator- My Art Day 3

I am an aspiring artist- particularly, an aspiring Children's Illustrator. And all week long I'm showcasing a few of my pieces to the world publicly for the very first time! Before I open my Etsy shop- before I send out my portfolio- I am showing all of you my art first. Because I love you :) Kind of like an online Art Exhibit perhaps?

Monday I showed you "Little Man"- a cute little Native American boy in the snow
Tuesday I showcased "I Love You to the Moon and Back" - which features 2 bears embracing on the moon overlooking the night sky. (This piece features a lot of symbolism as it was painted for a dear friend of mine)

Today I am showing you a piece that isn't really "Children's" art per-say. It's entitled:
"Blue Bird" -creatively enough :) 
 watercolor on paper
By Stephanie Lindhardt

Thanks again for visiting! Stay tuned for my final 2 pieces tomorrow and the next day


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