Life Skills 101

Free printable Life Skills tracker. Create a list of life skills (not taught in school) that you want your child to learn this year and have them work on it slowly over the year, or over the summer. Includes a year by year guide of good skills to learn.


Encourage Children to eat healthy with this free printable chart. Laminate and reuse over and over!

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  1. My gosh- Stephanie I love you! I'm a Nana (grandma) and I was afraid positive parenting was a thing of the past. I was afraid parenting period was becoming a lost art. Isee families living by the schedule on the fridge. With no time to do anything else. Or on the other end, never lifting their head from the phone in their hand. I'm talking parents, and in both cases the kids are following right behind with the same habits. Your site is full of all the wonders of growing and enjoying nutruring those years. Bless your heart for sharing this love talent with others. Way to go girl! From the home where LOL is still Lots of Love!