Saturday, September 24, 2011

Teaching Table Manners

Here's a great parenting tool I found on an adorable blog!

Introducing..... MR. PIG!

While eating dinner, if you eat or act like a pig..... you get passed Mr. Pig!
and if you end up with Mr. Pig at the end of the meal
you get to clear the WHOLE TABLE!!
Be sure to establish some clear "table manners guidelines" before the meal so everyone knows what's expected of them.
Here are some of my personal suggestions but feel free to edit it according to your own personal preference:

*No bodily noises (burping, slurping, smacking)
*Chew with your mouth closed
*Don't start eating until the cook (usually Mom) is seated
*Sit in your chair properly and don't tip your chair
*Say "PLEASE pass the..." NO reaching
*ALWAYS compliment the chef! regardless of if you like it. If you   don't like it, TAKE LESS.
*Eat everything off your plate. Take less if you aren't very hungry.
*ALWAYS ask to be excused from the table when you are finished. Do not leave the table until being excused.
*Take your plate and utensils to the sink once you are excused.
*Always offer your help with cleanup. ESPECIALLY when you're a guest in someone elses house

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