Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cleaning Costume

A few years ago I noticed that if my kids were "in costume" they were so much more well behaved.
And easier to control! mwah ha ha ha ha.... (evil laugh)

case in point:
Dressing up as "little ladies"; play heals, purse, hat and all while we ran errands
Putting on an apron & chef hat while in the kitchen
and dressing up as "cleaning ladies" while doing our morning chores

Part of their "cleaning ladies" costume is this cleaning kit. (it's actually a shower caddy that I got it at Walmart for $3 or $4 bucks)
My kids are color coded (to prevent fighting) so purple kid got a purple one, and pink kid got a pink one.

*Tangent- my son, who is 2, has recently shown an affinity for the color red. I'm pretty sure it's his favorite color so that will be his "assigned" color and someday soon, as soon as I can find a red shower caddy, he will inherit a red cleaning kit.

I filled the bucket with all their necessary tools and filled an empty spray bottle with a safe cleaner: Hydrogen Peroxide. Recipe listed below. Include an apron for added dress-up fun!

It's amazing what a HUGE difference these kits have made in their attitudes towards cleaning!

I got an email a few years back about all the wonderful things Hydrogen Peroxide can be used for and how safe and effective it is in cleaning. I have used it ever since and never looked back! It is by far THE best glass cleaner you will ever use and it disinfects just as good if not better than the chemical cleaners.
And the best part? It's super safe for your kids and pets & you can buy a huge bottle for under $1 and it will last you a long time!

50% Hydrogen Peroxide
50% Distilled Water
(it is especially important for cleaning glass that it be distilled water.)

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