Friday, July 19, 2013

Aspiring Children's Artist- My Art- Final Day!

Today concludes my week long  art exhibit. I've shown you 4 of some of my more recent works,

--->"Little Man"
--->"I Love You to the Moon and Back"
--->"Little Blue Bird"
--->"Like Whoa"

 all of which will eventually be for sale when I open my Etsy shop.. and all of which have never been seen publicly. Today I will conclude with my very favorite piece:
Drum roll please.................................
"Whaley High"
Acrylic on Canvas
by Stephanie Lindhardt

Notice the nod to Denmark? I am Danish/American and LOVE my heritage (and miss my homeland, family, and friends that reside there like crazy since it's a VERY expensive flight from my neck-of-the-woods!)

I hope you've enjoyed my art this week!- I certainly enjoyed creating it.
Thanks for popping by!


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  1. Very nice work. I love this one!I hope you do a children's picture book some day.