Sunday, November 25, 2012

Childhood Development Series Introduction

Welcome to my series of Childhood Developmental Psychology and Theories, or in other words: Parenting on Steroids:) I say "parenting on steroids" because if you understand the psychological development your child is experiencing (cognitive and emotional abilities at each age) and the theories and practices that go hand in hand with them... it will undoubtedly affect your parenting skills in a huge way!

Everything you will learn from this series is Psychology 101 in Childhood Development. I will cite major contributors to the field, as well as teach you how to implement those theories into parenting practices. The beauty of all these theories is that even though they have key differences, they also have many similarities, overlapping and harmonizing in a beautiful way!
Prepare to get KNEE DEEP! 

Here is an outline of the things I will cover

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You'll learn all the different types of parenting styles, how the way your were parented can affect how you in turn parent, and you'll learn about the research-proven best ways to positively guide your children through childhood and adolescence... or in other words, the best ways to parent (emphasis on the "S" as there are many many ways to be a good one!)

CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE 1- Parenting Styles

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