Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Traditions - Tasting Party

It is my absolute favorite time of year! 
I love the colors! I love the weather! And I LOVE the traditions and holiday anticipation that accompany fall!

Today's tradition idea comes from a fun tradition we've had in my family for baby showers...

a tasting party! 

A tasting party is where you get together with friends and family and sample various food items that usually fall into a category or theme. Everyone either buys or bakes an item from the theme, then you gather together one night and sample all the food and exchange recipes if necessary!
Some great foods for autumn would be:

*Hot Chocolate!- Have everyone bring their favorite hot chocolate and encourage creativity! White hot chocolate, nutella hot chocolate, spicy hot chocolate... the possibilities are endless!

*Bread- There's nothing like home made bread around the holidays! It's the perfect companion to soup and other cold weather food staples making it a great item for a tasting party.

*Cookies- Need I explain this one? Who doesn't love sampling cookies and getting new cookie recipes?!

*Soup- Another autumn food staple. I got THE best ever clam chowder recipe at a soup tasting party... and I don't normally even like clam chowder!

This tradition is a fun one to invite extended family, neighbors, and friends to participate in. It would also make a great girls night!

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