Sunday, August 28, 2011

Printable Weekday Outfit Organizer

I found this idea....

{genius! but first I have to buy the dividers, and then decoupage them. 1st- I'll never get around to buying them, plus why would I do something that costs money when there's GOT to be a free way of doing it! and 2nd- Even if I did buy them, then I have to find cute paper/cut/paste. No thanks}

So then I found this idea....

{Genius! All I have to do is print and cut?! GREAT idea! Except... these used to be free, but now they are not. :( bummer.}

So instead I decided to make my own. They aren't perfect but they'll do! Just print on cardstock, cut, laminate, and then hang!

Click the following links to print:

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