Friday, July 29, 2011

Kid's Planner

Found this cute free printable from Picklebums. Print, laminate, and add to your fridge, memo board, or put them in a binder for each kid! What a great way to teach time management/planning to your kiddos.

Personally, I plan on printing out 4 per kid (1 months worth), laminating them, and then putting them in their personal day keepers.
*I'll be posting about the day keepers in the future*
But in a pictureless nutshell.... basically they are individualized binders that hold each child's:
Chore Chart
Responsibility Chart (things they  don't get paid for but are expected to do i.e. brush teeth, make bed, etc)
Family Home Evening assignment
and now Planner!
I do it this way to keep my walls free and clear of all those Charts and so I can personalize each child's assignments a little more. Plus it has the added bonus of teaching my children about planning and organizing!

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  1. I am a college student with very early classes, and this would make my mornings 10x easier! Thanks for the idea:)