Thursday, June 9, 2011

Date Night


And even though this is a "parenting ideas" blog... I think this vaguely fits the bill.
Because "When Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" and NOTHING cheers this Momma up like one on one time with Daddy :)

I recently stumbled across this super cute blog called The Dating Divas and was so inspired by all their creative date ideas (we especially loved the "Book Store Date") that I came up with this idea since my man is an  uber-comic book nerd! It is especially fitting since the  new X-Men just hit theaters and is a great way to spice up a traditional "dinner and a movie" night. (FYI- you could also rent any of the previous X-Men movies if "First Class" is no longer in theaters)

*The cards, printed off onto cardstock and stuffed into numbered envelopes. The "battle cards" will need to be printed off front/back and stuffed into the envelope that contains the "Mission Card"
*A Hero's Prize- Something that will enhance the end of your date. For example: hand cuffs or a blindfold. If you want the end of the date to remain vague I suggest the bllindfold. If you want him to build up some anticipation and excitement for the rest of the date I suggest the handcuffs. Wrap it up nicely in a box with a bow.

Set the tone for your date by giving him the Date Invitation. Tape it to the bathroom mirror, put it on his car seat, or tape it to the front door so he'll see it on his way to/from work.

Begin by telling him to pick one of the "Dinner Envelopes" (I printed out 5 for him to choose from and wrote a different restaurant on each card) and  tell him that this will determine where the battle will take place. I wrote down 5 places we had never been as we like to try new restaurants together, but you could also jot down some of his favorite places to eat instead.

Once you are there and seated hand him the next envelope containing the "Mission and Battle cards"

To play the game mix up the cards and place them face down. Once you are ready to play turn over a card. First person to "spy" the item listed on the card gets to keep that card.

 Person with the most cards becomes the winner/Hero and gets the Hero's Prize (the gift you wrapped up earlier)

Once you are out of the restaurant hand him the envelope containing the "Movie Card". If you have time, buy the tickets in advance and put  the movie tickets in the envelope as well.

After the movie is over give him the Final Card. I suggest you give it before you get home, either right after the movie or once you are in the car. Knowing what's coming next will make the drive home that much more exciting!

Hope you enjoy your special date! 


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