Monday, April 8, 2013

20 Free Paper Toys for Kids

**UPDATE** 2 of the paper toy links have been removed due to site issues. Therefore, I only have 18 currently listed until I find 2 suitable replacements to my liking:) Until then enjoy my top 18 picks!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I have a board dedicated to paper toys. My older 2 girls LOVE to craft- and as of late I haven't had any good crafting supplies lying around the house. But what I DO have is a printer and plenty of paper! So I found dozens of free printable toys and my kids have been up to their elbows in paper crafting of all kinds ever since.

Canon has literally 100's of free paper toy printables including several Puppet Theaters.

They also have the most amazing DIY aquariums!!

I love this cute paper puzzle (also from Canon)! 
I LOVE the idea of shadow puppets!

These are cake toppers- but I think they would make great popsicle stick puppets!

These finger puppets are from Canon again- and would go great with story time

My Fantastic Toys made these adorable gnome printables! It includes a mobile, puppets, paper dolls, and a gnome bowling game!

 Love this circus-ey bear wagon! From the I especially love how the bears are double sided!

These are called "Snorfs" but they look like gnomes to me! And I <3 gnomes. These would make great Christmas decorations too!

My oldest daughter is OBSESSED with horses! Love this 3-D horse from

This should make every VW fan's heart melt! (I'm one!) The website is in French but google translate can help with that!

I'm SO in love with this mask from Artbackwash it's ridic.

 These mustaches from Creativecuties would make great costume props too!

Printable crowns are sure to make your little Princess smile:)

Right: Tiara (Replica of Dutchess Kate Middleton's wedding crown!) <--- fyi I'm 13-year-old-school-girl obsessed with Kate Middleton. Don't care for any celebrities (or much media for that matter)... but she is my exception. Don't know why. 

These Paper Cone Girls from Mr. Printables are a more durable version to paper dolls.

Another great printable from Mr. Printables. Doodle on the Moon!! Homeschool families- a great addition to any space unit. Maybe even fun for decorating a space themed bedroom?!

And to finish it off I'm going to do a shameless plug for a couple of my own printables :)

and second, my Cafe Omelette Menu for fun restaurant pretend play :) OR you could do it for 
realsies <---- another made up word.. My English professor would NOT be proud! And actually order and make some omelettes for a family meal

Or what about a paper based CHORE BINDER SYSTEM?! Instead of cluttering up your walls and fridge? Over 234 Chore Cards included!

And that my friends concludes our tour of my 20 favorite Paper toys on the web. ( or 37 if you count the ones that I threw together in a bundle)
Whew! That's a lot!

Now go stock up on printer ink, give your kids some scissors (safety ones of course) and let their imaginations run wild!


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