Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Top 10 Best Children's Picture Books

I am an avid children's book collector and over the years have gathered quite the library as a result. I shop almost exclusively at thrift stores for said books because my love/need for new children's literature would break the bank if I had to pay full price.

That being said, here are my top 10 favorite children's picture books that I discovered in  2014:

This is one of our families favorites. Little Chicken wants a bedtime story but has a cute little bad habit of interrupting each story that Papa attempts to read. 

By Mo Willems. (One of my favorite authors)
We like to read all the Pigeon books with a funny voice:)

by Mo Willems

Another book by my favorite author. 

By BJ Novak

If you haven't heard of this book I've included a YouTube snippet for you to get a taste of just how amazing this book is for early literacy. I've always loved picture books with no words, it seems only natural that I would love a "picture book" with no pictures:)

By Jennifer Armstrong

A book without sentences, but plenty of cleverly placed words to help you follow the tale of a banana peel, a monkey, and a city full of  colorful citizens.

by Tao Nyeu

The illustrations in this book are incredible. A bear and a boy plant a seed which grows into a vine that they (naturally) decide to climb, which leads to the most amazing adventure. One of my favorite wordless books of all time. 

by Herve Tullet

My sister turned me on to this author. This book of his is my 3 year old's current favorite. It's amazing how much fun reading can be when you follow such simple instructions as pressing a button.

by James Mayhew

This is my Nephews favorite book right now. This little dragon needs a home... but no one seems to want him. Will he find a permanent place to call home?

by  Aaron Reynolds

This was our Halloween book of choice this year. Follow the tail of a bunny who is sure the carrots are out to get him.

by Jon Klassen

Funny tale about a bear who desperately wants his hat back. Great illustrations.

What are your favorite children's books? I'm always hunting for great new authors and illustrators to add to our collection!

Happy Reading!!


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