Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Postcard Exchange

Guess what still exists?! SNAIL MAIL POSTCARD EXCHANGES!

I seriously can't think of a more entertaining way to instill a love and appreciation for Geography in your children than this!

This particular one is even GLOBAL!

*It's FREE to sign up
*Your information remains as confidential as you like (but let's face it- you're going to need to give out your address in order to receive some postcards)
*AND you can request up to 6 different addresses to send at a time! So if your anxious to get started that's a good way to go!

Our first one went to RUSSIA!

And to all you fellow Homeschool families out there... this is a GREAT thing to incorporate into your Geography studies! (that's what we are doing!)


P.S. Good luck finding postcards! In this digital day and age that might be a bit of a challenge!
{we got ours at a local hotel FYI}

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