Sunday, October 9, 2011

Randsome Rubbage Box

Sick of picking up after your kids ALL. DAY. LONG?!

Look what this Mom invented?

If she finds something on the floor, it goes in the box.
And they can't get it back until the EARN it back by picking a job from the envelope on the lid.

I've also seen this idea called a "Gunny Sack" or a "Monster bag" that "eats" all the toys found laying about.

Halloween is a great time to buy a "monster bag". This is what we've used in our house and I got our cute blue canvas bag with a monster on it at target last Halloween for $1!

But I think I'm going to switch over to this "randsome box" idea. I like that they have to do chores to earn it back. I'm hoping that will encourage them to stop leaving their things all over, as opposed to just having their stuff taken away for a while in the Monster Bag.

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