Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stay at Home Movie Theater Night!

We had a super fun family activity Friday Night!

We set up our T.V. room like a movie theater by putting dark sheets on all the walls, blocked off the entrance with curtains, and made a fully stocked concession stand and ticket stand!

I went to our local theater and bought theater popcorn and asked for kid cups and those plastic kid containers. The popcorn was $5 the other stuff they gave to me free! I got the candy and soda from my local grocer cuz we all know how expensive movie theater candy is! We told the kids that we were going to the movies and got them all ready to "go out". When we "arrived" at our living room they went from confused to amazed in a matter of seconds!

The kids had tickets which they redeemed to get into the "movie theater" and to get candy and popcorn. You can print these super cute tickets as well as concession stand labels HERE. 
---They are from Prepared Not Scared. ( One of my all time fav blogs. )---

We watched Karate Kid [which we loved!] and the kiddos had a blast as was evident by the super huge mess that was left in our living room :)
This was by far one of our most memorable family activities to date! I think this one is going down as a tradition!

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