Wednesday, July 3, 2013

FREE Montessori Horse Breed Cards

My oldest is currently OBSESSED with horses. So naturally I had to make her these Montessori horse breed cards :)

This first set comes with 8 horse breeds. Print on cardstock, flip over and print the horses information on the back. 4 horse breeds on each page, 4 pages total -2 pages once printed front and back. Cut and laminate.

On the back you will find:

Breed Characteristics
Colors & Patterns
Country of Origin
& Uses of the breed

I have another set of 8 coming hopefully by the end of the week so check back soon! 

If you want to learn more about Montessori Educational practices and theories CLICK HERE. I think everyone knows about Montessori preschool- but not as many know that the educational theory goes all the way from preschool to graduation. We subscribe to a Montessori-type learning style. I agree with nearly all of it- but also Waldorf, Reggio, Unschool, and probably a tiny bit of Classical as well. In the past I've called it MonWalRegUnCal- or something like that. I guess the proper term would be "eclectic".
I hope you enjoy these cards- regardless of whether you homeschool or not. I think any horse loving child would like them :)

And remember: If you can't get them to download correctly check your popup blocker, change browsers, or email me  *contact link is at the top of the page* and I will email them to you directly.


  1. This is fantastic, thank you so so much for making these. My girls adore horses and I've been looking all over the net for something like this!

    :), Donya

  2. I would like to share this, but I have found it too time consuming to download. Is it possible to use Google Docs or link straight to a PDF?

  3. Thank you! :) I was getting ready to make some myself, and now I may not have to! Looking forward to the second set!