Monday, July 15, 2013

Guess What? I am an aspiring Children's Illustrator

Betcha didn't know that! Or have I mentioned that before?
Regardless... it is with a very nervous and humble heart that I submit to you-the world- a few of my recent pieces. (You'll have to pardon the poor photo quality- I haven't had them professionally photographed yet so my hunk-a-junk camera had to do for now.)
I'm going to nervously showcase 1 a day all week so each piece can stand alone without interference.

This first one is dear to my heart- I don't know why... but I love this little man. Proudly donning his father's headdress  and wrapped up nice and tight to keep warm from the bitter cold, smiling all the while!

This piece is called, "Little Man" and is Watercolor on Paper.

I for one can relate to this little guy- it's the middle of April and we are being pounded by a  huge snow storm where I live! I hope the weather is better in your neck of the woods!

Have a great day! And Happy Parenting!