Tuesday, March 29, 2011

General Conference Ideas for 6-12 year olds

Here are some fun ideas to keep your kiddos entertained during conference.
CLICK HERE for some more ideas for kids ages 2-6 (and a few family ideas too!)

2011 GENERAL CONFERENCE ACTIVITY PACKETS- 3 different packets to choose from depending on your child's age. Add some coloring pages and a copy of the FRIEND and put in a 3 ring binder for a complete fun activity pack to surprise your kids with conference morning.
and for those of you who are extra ambitious you could tab off 4 sections of the packet for each session during the 2 day conference. Here are some links to a few more packets where you can pick and choose what pages to print and add to your pack

Conference Activity Pack (geared towards 7-12 year olds)
 2010 General Conference Packets
 General Authorities Ties (2009) by Amber McNeil
 General Conference Activity Cards for October 2009 by Melanie Day
 General Conference Activity Pages by Jodi Pilling
 General Conference Booklet by Melanie Day
General Conference Notebook 2009
 General Conference Folder by Melanie Day
 The Ultimate General Conference Packet by Jennifer Lund

COLORING PAGES- Come from the friend. 2 per page make this printable packet ink-friendly! Fold and staple to create a little book

GENERAL AUTHORITY CARDS- Great for referencing. You could also print out the pictures and attach them to baggies with treats in them {read next idea for more details}

CONFERENCE BAGGIES- Tape pictures of the General Authorities onto baggies filled with treats and activities. When a new speaker comes to the pulpit have your child find the baggie to match the current speaker. That said baggie is the treat/activity they get to have during that talk. 

CONFERENCE CANDY LEI'S- Present your child with their very own candy lei on conference morning! Let them open one piece of candy per speaker. There are on average 13-15 speakers for the Sunday session and 11-13 for the Saturday session. Adjust your candy lei length accordingly. I put 15 pieces in the lei I made for my kids just to be safe :)
Idea courtesy of A Mama B's

SNACK ATTACK!- {Fun for the WHOLE FAMILY!} Tape certain words to certain bowls or plates of snacks. Whenever you hear one of the "special" words you get to eat the snack that was associated with that word. Example: A bowl of yogurt raisins with the word "Jesus Christ" taped to it. 
You could also have certain key facial expressions or scripture quotes associated with a snack. Such as when the speaker turns to face a different camera, or when they smile or make everyone laugh.
 Idea courtesy of The Romney's

PAPER DOLLS- Cut out the dolls and let your child color and cut the clothes. Dress the dolls up for church. Girl and Boy versions!

OMELETTE BREAKFAST MENU- Start your morning out with custom ordered omelettes! OR if you're not a morning person use this for a special lunch or breakfast for dinner! It requires a little prep work (making sure you have at least most of the ingredients, especially some of the fun, unique ones) but it's worth it as it would make a great tradition and is fun for the whole family!

SURPRISE CONFERENCE BASKETS-  (no link.. just an idea) Fill a basket with their activity packs, crayons, treats, scissors, glue, candy lei's, and whatever else your heart desires! Make it an Easter -ish hunt by making them hunt for their individual baskets!

For more ideas be sure to check out SUGARDOODLE'S complete list. The conference activity pack links above were courtesy of that site.

and remember to check out the other ideas (plus a few repeats) in the "Ideas for 2-6 year olds" post !

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