Sunday, March 27, 2011

General Conference Ideas for 2-6 year olds

Here are some activities to keep your child's attention and maybe even (fingers crossed!) get a little something out of listening to our Prophet speak.

CONFERENCE TREAT BAGGIES- Attach a picture of each of the 15 General Authorities to little baggies full of treats and games (you can use some of the games listed below such as the paper dolls). When the speaker begins, have your child find the baggie that matches the speaker! That is the toy, activity, or treat they get to have during that speaker.  It's a great way to get your children familiar with their faces.
{if you are only planning on your children watching the Sunday conference use the Prophet, his 2 councilors, and have the other authorities on hand to tape to baggies when the speakers are announced. It becomes a little more "improv" as you never know who's going to speak what day.}
CLICK HERE FOR THE GENERAL AUTHORITY CARDS. These could also be laminated and attached to a ring for a cute church quiet book.

Simplified Bingo Card- With images that can mean multiple things (Jesus, Christ, Savior) (Hearing a scripture quoted, seeing someone with scriptures, the actual word "Scripture, Book of Mormon, or Bible", etc)  your little ones chances of winning increase! And with certain images doubled a "two-for-one" opportunity presents itself! Play with small candy or treats and see if your toddler can get BINGO!

GENERAL CONFERENCE STICKERS- What kid doesn't like stickers?! Print these on sticker paper and you're set!

GENERAL CONFERENCE SPOTLIGHT- Cut out the General Authorities and tape them to their seats. As children watch conference they can put the current speaker up on the pulpit and return the previous one to his seat.
Created by Deann at Family Home Evening Ideas

PRESCHOOL ACTIVITY JOURNAL- Fun to color and a cute keepsake to boot! 

COLORING PAGES- has a variety of coloring pages for you to choose from. No picture for this one... just take my word and go over and take a gander. All images are from the FRIEND
COLOR THE AUTHORITIES TIES- Color the ties to match what they are wearing!

Black and White Version
Created by Amber

Here is a colored version
General Conference Color My Tie

Print out one for GIRLS or for BOYS!- Print out the dolls and let your child color the clothes and then dress their doll for church! Laminate them if you want them to last longer

CONFERENCE CANDY LEI'S- Welcome your child to the Sunday conference with a candy lei! Child gets to open one piece of candy per speaker. Even if you can't get them to sit through much of it, this is a fun way to get them to at least SEE each speaker :)
{Follow the link for instructions. Sunday conference has on average 13-15 speakers. When I made my candy lei I put 15 pieces of candy just to be safe :) }

PERSONALIZED MAGIC CARPETS- Super cute idea that will entice your little one to sit and watch conference. Made from FREE discontinued carpet samples. {call around local carpet stores and ask for them}The lady that came up with these uses them for FHE as well!

If you have a fun idea to share please leave a comment below so I can link up your idea!


  1. i love these ideas for conference for my daughter but the printable links seem to not be working. Do you have any that I could access?

  2. which printable are you trying to access? Most of the ideas are not mine... I was just show casing them.

  3. the paper doll links don't work. such cute ideas.